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Wise Advice is developing this channel to advance our mission to deliver to the business community a centre for information, guidance and business advice on matters of accounting, taxation, strategy and planning. From here, you will find :

– The easiest way to do your accounting
– How to generate business growth
– Successful business stories
– Interviews with experts in the market

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Wise Talk TV – Taxation

4 types of tax a business needs to deal with

 Income Tax

Two main problems with Provisional Tax 

 Registering for GST

Do I have to register for GST? 

Why do I have to pay lots of GST when my business is making a loss? 

 How to claim GST when purchasing items on finance

Understanding Fringe Benefit Tax

Wise Talk TV – Business Coaching

How to sell your business

Rental Property Investment

Deductible Expenses

Look-through companies (LTC)

What is Shareholder Current Account

Drawing Or Salary For The Shareholders?

Wise Talk TV – Interview

 What are good interview questions to ask?

 How do you find out whether the candidate has a strong cultural fit?

 How can a cash flow forecast be useful for a small business?

What’s the importance of a contract, do you legally have to have it? 

Legally, do I need to give my staff a payslip? 

What can small business owners do to gain more confidence in handling their finances?

What do you need when purchasing a business property?

What do you need when purchasing a business?

How to get more capital for your business

What’s the first step for property investment?

How to choose the right bank offer

Why it is important to have a shareholders’ agreement

How to Develop an effective corporate structure

How to protect yourself against clients going through liquidation and having a claw-back

How to protect yourself against claw-back

What you could do if you get caught with a business claw-back

How to choose the right business structure

How to research your business idea

How to differentiate your business

Wise Talk TV – XERO Training

 How to deal with returned stock in XERO?

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