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Helen Horrocks

After three months of struggling to keep track of my income and expenditure using an excel spreadsheet as a cash-book, and a frankly appalling filing system that involved stuffing receipts randomly into any available space in a desk drawer, I was introduced to Xero and Wise Advice.
I can happily report that Xero changed my life. No longer do I lie awake stressing about lost receipts. No more do I dread the mammoth monthly task of entering expenses into my cash-book. And now I don’t have to spend hours creating terrible-looking invoices to send to my clients either.

With Xero and Wise Advice, I can sleep easily knowing that all my expenses and income are recorded automatically. Creating really smart, professional invoices is a breeze. And I can see how much GST I owe, or how much my debtors owe me, or my profit & loss for the year, all at the click of a button, any time I like.

I’d definitely recommend Xero and Wise Advice to every small business owner. Accounting with Wise Advice is smart, easy and totally non-stressful!”

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