In one day I can be a photographer, photoshop expert, saleswoman, accountant, administrator, IT expert and marketing manager. Since moving to Wise Advise I have more time to focus on my core competencies and trade – photography and marketing. Sales have increased, payments from customers are on time, and cash flow has improved considerably. Finally, I’m on top of my accounting!

What’s great about Brad’s accounting consultancy service is that he takes the time to understand my business. We discuss marketing strategy, brand positioning, objectives, and sales forecasting. He offers well thought out advice, and frequently contacts me with ideas on promotion and cost cutting. To me, this goes beyond ‘the numbers’. As an approachable and friendly person, Brad takes a personal interest and makes the time to go the extra mile. I was delighted he attended the opening of my new studio in Howick. Brad has also provided my business with solid referrals and sales. Working with Brad and Wise Advice is an absolute pleasure. If you’re looking to grow your business and surround yourself with smart people, look no further than Wise Advice!

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