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Rental Property Investment eBook

Rental Properties can be a great source of income, or they can be a huge headache! For the best possible returns rental investments need to be structured like a business and managed like a business.


Looking to invest in rental property?

Property investment is not a passive activity – a proactive approach is required.This type of investment is physical, it can be improved, managed by yourself or by an expert, and if maintained and located in the right place, should continue to grow in value, while the rental gains can contribute to or cover the mortgage borrowings and eventually create an income stream. It all sounds simple, but a property investment will only work to your advantage if you have it structured correctly.


What you will learn from this guide

Our focus with this guide is to bring all the basic information into one place as an aid to potential and existing investment property owners.


Think of it is a check list of what you need to think about and make sure that you know

√   The ‘New’ Legislation changes to the Property Tax Rules – “The Bright-Line rule”.
√   How to structure your property investment correctly.
√   How to maximise your tax deductions..
√   How to handle depreciation costs to your advantage.
√   How to manage your rental property for your benefit and that of your tenants.


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