Ever wished you could calculate GST, personal tax, PAYE, and provisional tax at the click of a button?

Now you can with the FREE Wise Advice Tax Calculator App.

This New Zealand designed app allows you to:

* Calculate or remove the GST component of a cost
* Work out how much personal tax you owe
* Calculate PAYE for employers and employees
* Set a reminder for your provisional tax, GST and PAYE due dates, ensuring you never miss a payment
* And you’ll have access to all the latest business and tax news.

Disclaimer: This application is a complimentary tool and not intended to replace the official IRD calculations and information. It should not be relied upon for tax advice. All information provided is valid to Nov. 2011.


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Home Pages

Tax Toolbox AppThis page provide access to all the tools available in the tool box . The first two link are straight forward, contact us will help you to get in touch with us instantly and the latest news will keep you up to date with all the new business, technology and tax articles and news.




Tax Calculators

We have Three tax calculators:

  • GST-Calculator which calculates the including Gst , excluding Gst and the Gst amount
  • PAYE-Calculator for employees and employers which includes PAYE, kiwisaver and Student loan deductions
  • Personal Tax calculator to calculate your tax on your personal annual income


GST Calculator

Just type the amount including or excluding GST in the respective boxes and the calculator will give you the other figure and the GST amount





PAYE Calculator

This calculator will help employees and employers to calculate the tax and other deductions like Kiwisvaer, Child support, Student Loan, etc. Please note all the calculations at this stage is for this financial year 2011-2012.




PAYE Calculator

Just pick the right item w=for each line and click on view report to see the calculation.





Tax Code

You can pick each item by scrolling up and down and saving






Adding more employees

In the employer calculator you can add more than one employee by using the + sign on the top right hand side of the screen make sure you click on view report after you added the new employee and then you can go back and see all the calculations for your company and per employee. You can not customise the name of the employees and as default they would be called Employee 1, Employee 2 and so on( see the screens below). Please note that the information would not be saved and as soon as you exit the app all info would reset.


Personal Tax Calculator

You can calculate your annual tax by entering you annual income on the top box . After you entered the number tap on the background report to minimise the keyboard and you will see full details of the different thresholds of the tax you are paying.




TAX Reminder

If you are registered for 2 monthly GST , 6 monthly GST or for PAYE you can turn on the reminder. The app will remind you 2 days before the GST, provisional, terminal tax and PAYE due dates.




Reminder time

This will set the time that you want to receive the reminder







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